Our tea inspiration comes from Madame Juan. She is a mother of three and a full time home maker.  She always put her family's health is her top priority and she always wants to do more for them.
Brought up in deeply mixed culture, Madame Juan learned about the art of herbal tea making and its health benefits. Picking up different types of culture enables Madame Juan to create completely new and creative blends.
Driven by huge passion in healthy living, Juan's Tea Collection is born. A series of interesting blends of traditional herbal tea and modern flavours. All of our teas are natural with no preservatives. They are simply a natural brew with style.


 Amidst the daily hustle, we often neglect our health and overall well-being. There are beverages of all kinds at our fingertips, but which of those are truly beneficial and have the consumers at heart? At Juan Tea, we believe that great taste comes with good health! 

All our ingredients used are selected with much care and concern. Locally popular herbs across all cultures that are often overlooked for their benefits are chosen to jazz up our concoctions. Each blend is crafted with loving care and with a modern twist.